The word ‘Bravura’ is very important to us and is a big part of why we do what we do.

It comes from the word ‘Bravo’ and means: the display of great daring and brilliance.

It’s a term primarily used in opera when a singer hits that most divine note and then sustains it for a passage.

That is our Mission at Bravura Life Strategies–to help you uncover and sustain that brilliant note, not just for a passage, but for a lifetime.


By providing a method you can use when you’re feeling off-key to get yourself right back where you want to be. You’ll have the power to do that in any given moment, no matter what arises. That is what we call a Bravura Life.

What our clients say

“Everyone can benefit from this class. You’ll be able to handle situations as they arise. You’ll have another tool in your toolbox. I couldn’t recommend it enough. The change is immeasurable. This practice will make others ask you, what’s changed?”


“The concept is nothing short of brilliance.”


“It’s helping me have the confidence to be my authentic self. It makes me feel supported to grow into a better version of myself.”


“It taught me to love myself and believe in me.”


“It gave me the tools to take action and get past the ‘I have an idea stage.’ It’s the connection of putting together the Why + the How + Do.”


“For me, this class has been life-changing. I’m all about personal development and pursuing the best I can be, so I’ve read books and listened to a lot of famous speakers, practiced methods, and have comfort in my spiritual life. I expected to have a somewhat positive experience…but I never expected to say, ‘life-changing!'”


“I strongly recommend this class for everybody even if you feel your life is great. Annie and Andrea have really shown me how to dig deep and not to be afraid to express my thoughts. Love to the both of you!! Looking forward to taking class two!”


“One word that describes it: Liberating!”


 “I came to Annie seeking ways to handle overwhelming stress and anxiety. As I started my journey into sobriety I struggled with all of the emotions I had suppressed for so long. Anne taught me the tools to navigate my emotions, and self-reflect to make wiser decisions. I never imagined I could feel this happy, light, and fulfilled!”  


“I have trust issues, I acknowledge. I worry, how will I ever trust again after being lied to and manipulated by 3 significant people in my life? – This is helping me to break the chains that have held me in a bad relationship. Thank you! I hope nothing stops you from sharing the gifts you are sharing!”


“I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to learn from and be a part of the practice! Thank you so much for everything, and for pouring your hearts out so boldly to all of the people that will benefit from what you are giving.”


“Last week’s work on self-talk and putting the practice into practice definitely made a big difference! There were brief moments that I felt old responses wanting to lead but I could see it and reign it back to operate with a mindset of identifying & having compassion for me first, so I could be there for my family. Thank you from the heart!”


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