Lifelines Facebook Feedback

Some Facebook Feedback we’ve received:
1. Jylle Dugiud—I absolutely love listening to you!
2. Lisa Baker—I listened to your show yesterday. I feel I need to say, your kindness and your ability to see/hear people is palpable. Not even an ounce of judgment. Just love and acceptance. You are a beautiful human and I love you!
3. Michelle Martin—Kudos to how you handle your guest on the radio.
4. Shawn Wiley—Thank you, Annie, for all you do to help
5. Diana Longton—This is your mission.. of .. a mission to guide others!!!! You are doing amazing work, Annie Clark!!!! You and your team rock!!!
6. Kerri Wilson—Thank you, Annie
7. Hi Annie! I heard the first caller from that show. Pretty powerful work! I wanted to see if you know about SMART Recovery? It’s a different type of recovery group. Folks who have
found that the “As” don’t resonate may find SMART more palatable. Again, great work on that call!
8. Craig Kilgore—You’re doing a great job, Annie Clark!
9. Wendy Lober—I love this you are so good Annie!! Showing my daughter and trying to get her to believe!!! ❤️
10. Julie Brundridge—Love this, thanks!!!
11. Michelle Stevenson—Hi Annie❣️living my best life. Miss. You sooo.
12. Tim O Donnell—I can’t believe that little sweet girl that was my neighbor has a radio show! So proud of you!!
13. Jen Kreta—Great show!!!! Love you! Using the tools with great success!
14. Amy Adams Russell—Hey Annie. Good work here.
15. Tanya Leuk—Are you only on air (Z93) from 7pm-8pm on Thursday’s???
16. Lauren Mary Erickson—I always look forward to my Thursday night drive home. Thank you for promoting positive self-love and healing.
17. Ann Ronayne—Reminder set for Thursday!
18. Dave Williams—Hey Annie from West Texas!
19. Shelia Robinson Haish—Hey Annie from East Texas!!!
20. Linda Munro-(Chicago)—Hi Annie. Love ya girlfriend.
21. Diana Merrifield Longton—Hey there Beautiful Lady!! You are going to rock this show tonight!!! Great topic… New year New thought process for so many!
22. Sue Levasy—Happy New Year from Florida!!
23. Samantha Chaddwick—Yes great job Annie Clark! It takes courage to do what you are doing and I know you are helping people (as do you).