Welcome, Jennifer!

  • Tell us about your experience with the practice.

It was enlightening!  In a nutshell, my eyes were opened to something very valuable missing in my life….that being, me being happy with just me and not needing the approval of others to ignite my own joy.

  • What sparked you to take the course?

Well, I knew of you from high school and somehow we were the proverbial “friends on facebook”.  You posted a powerful video last spring or summer. I watched and was curious about what you had gone through.  I was dealing with my own “behind closed doors” struggles, so it was easy to have empathy for you. I started listening to your radio show, saying I would NEVER CALL IN! But when you  said something about, “Your brain doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie….” I was captivated! There was more to what you said, but I couldn’t write fast enough so I missed it.  Next thing I knew I was calling in just to ask what was the rest of that phrase, and bam they had me on the phone with you. In my mind, it was a slow-motion movie NOOOOOOO moment that I couldn’t stop short of hanging up, lol.  You sparked and conversation with me I did not anticipate, and I found myself wanting to know more about how you got “unstuck” in life. I signed up for the class and the rest is now history! I am SO GLAD I didn’t let fear take over and I made the call.

  • How long have you been in the Practice? Are you skeptical?

Yes, I am.  I’m practicing working on that!  It stems from living most of my life in unhealthy environments, so I have some deep seeded trust issues.  Skeptical works into that mindset.

I actually don’t want people to believe what I’m saying. Cause you to work against yourself and not be open to new possibilities.

  • How is it unique from other sources of personal development?

First and foremost, experiencing your vulnerability when you share your story made my walls come down because I knew I wasn’t alone and it was obvious you would understand me if I shared my troubles.

I’ve done a lot of personal development and most of them involve a lot of reading.  This isn’t’ like that. This is hands-on and I learn well that way….but now I know there’s a reason for it!  The hands-on helps us to change existing patterns by actually doing the work we need to do to make the change.

The other thing I would say is, it’s really very simple.  So simple, it almost seems silly that this isn’t taught in school!

I knew a long time ago I wasn’t alone.

You get to feel what your relationship with yourself as well I like and what it feels like to actually be honestly communicating with yourself.

  • How has the hands-on experiential learning been helpful?

Yes!  Between working on myself on my own time, and the exercises we do in class, I learned so much about myself.  Ultimately that my good qualities are really good and I should be proud of them, and the stuff I need to work on doesn’t make me bad, it just offers me something to keep improving….and shouldn’t we always want to keep improving?!
improving/ practicing

  • What would you tell others who were curious or thinking about taking the class?

DO IT!  Don’t think twice!  Do this for yourself.  I don’t care where you are in life, we can all use good information to keep our lives going in a forward and positive direction.  Even if life is all roses right now, it’s probably not always going to be, and this class will help you build not only more self-worth, but skills to help you through the toughest of times.
developing self-worth is the KEY to supporting yourself with change.

  • Do you think there is anyone who couldn’t benefit from it?

Everyone!  Because even if you life is perfect right now, it’s not always going to be.  And people around you won’t have perfect lives, and our children need guidance!  I don’t know about the rest of the world, but when I had my two children, I didn’t get a book with all the answers.  I have gained so much wisdom from this class, that I feel so much more confident in helping my kids during the tough stuff….and trust me, I’ve already put it to work.
give away and receive what you possess.

  • Do you think Annie’s life experience contributes to the training? If yes, how?

They make you relatable!  I’ve done counseling and I support it, but a counselor doesn’t usual share their life experiences with you, making me feel like the only one in the room that can really understand.  Annie, when you would speak, I felt like you were in my head, sharing my story! Any by you sharing how you got through it, being so vulnerable, you became the safest person in my world.  Whether we were close or not, you became my friend. The right kind of friend. One that wouldn’t just let me whine about my problems, but challenged me to work within myself to figure out what I really needed.

I knew u wasn’t alone!!!!

  • What was the best part about the classes?

Wow, that’s hard to answer because for me this has been life changing.  I love Monday nights and going to class. I marvel at how you can see things so clearly and work through a process.  I love the role playing, and getting to the meat of the issues….often not what you really thought was the issue. I love how it has me happy to take responsibility for just me, rather than blaming others as we could.  I love the people in class. I love being around people that have the same goal in mind. It’s a very healthy environment.

Personal responsibility/ no victims/ case building

  • Do you think the Practice helps with parenting? If so, how?

Absolutely!  It makes you want to be a better listener, rather than just a fixer.  It’s so easy to want to fix! Listening, learning to show empathy, and asking good questions is so helpful when parenting.  This has helped me in my house a lot already.

Using the practice helps because you do not get defensive when your child or anyone comes to you nor do you try to escape if they have a problem or even a problem with you.

  • What “truths” did you uncover? What didn’t you expect?

*That I overcommit because it’s how I found joy…helping others and seeing how much they liked what I did for them.  In class, you shared how everything that brought you joy had been striped away and you fell into a very dark place. I thought to myself, “What if I couldn’t do for others…where would I get my joy?!  Why is that the biggest way I find joy? Why don’t I just have joy in me?” That’s when I learned that I wasn’t making the changes I needed to make because it could cause me to be alone with me, and that was scary.

Overcommitting/ people pleasing/ seeking value

What were some hard parts? Did you feel supported?

  • What was your relationship with yourself like before the practice, currently and what you see for your future?

Well I’ve done personal development for years.  I’m also a person of my word, so when I told myself I was going to improve my life, by the time I found The Practice, I was making a lot of improvements.  However, there was this huge piece missing! I couldn’t get out of this fog of doubting myself. I figured so much out about myself during this class that the fog has lifted!  I have lots of struggles, but I approach them differently now. I talk these things out with me, and I’m taking care of me. Easy words, but do we really do it?! I am now. The future?  Well, I can say I am looking forward to 2019 and although 2018 has huge struggles, I’m so grateful for The Practice so I can say I really ended the year on a great note….loving myself again.

Improvement… practice takes off the pressure

  • How do use the practice in your day-to-day life and what has it done for you?

The program teaches us to talk out loud to ourselves.  I say to put hiccups in bad silent talking patterns that we have.  We have this silent motion picture playing in our head and it’s usually full of our struggles.  So I talk outloud to myself to shift that focus and find out how I need to really take care of myself.  It’s like talking to the you that has been desperately wanting to be heard. By doing this, I have myself breathing when I didn’t realize I wasn’t breathing right, relaxing when I couldn’t before, and approaching conflict in different ways.  I don’t want to give it all away, because I want people to come! They need to take the class because it causes you to do the leg work….and I think most of us need that encouragement.

We always have self-worth and tell we don’t… Your hiccups serve you to support yourself to get back in the moment. Because in those moments there is no Facebook “that can get you out of it.

  • How is your life changing?

My life has changed because I’m happy with me again.  I like me again. I love me again. And I’m not living in a fog of constantly doubting myself.  I lived with guilt in a big bad way! Counselors couldn’t seem to help me get past that bad guy.  But now, I’ve dealt with the guilt. I know why it happens, and I know how to talk and listen to myself to work through the guilt.  Another life changing thing for me!

The practice we learn to feel our emotions not to escape from them. It’s not about not feeling guilty or scared or insecure…

  • Where would you be right now or how would you be managing your day today,  if you weren’t using the practice?

I would be on the rat wheel, doing the same thing I did before yet expecting a different outcome, lol.

  • Describe the practice in one word.

For me, I need two words……LIFE CHANGING!

Going on month 4!!!!!

60-80,000 thoughts a day.

You and you every day! No need for props!

Stainable happiness is only a conversation away!