What is Lifelines with Annie Clark?

An hour-long broadcast to help you get unstuck from the things that are holding you back, weighing you down, or stopping you from living a joyful life.

This show is for anyone to call in and get some assistance with challenges–because we all have them!

The show is about you—so PLEASE make it about you.  If you’re listening and you call in, you just may be glad you did, because I guarantee you I can help you figure it out and you will breathe a little easier and feel some relief!

There’s no problem too big or small to call!

The show airs Thursday’s from 7-8 pm EST on 92.9 (Traverse City, Michigan and surrounding areas) or at “Listen Live”; podcasts are available on the site under the ‘ON AIR’ tab, then ‘Lifelines with Annie Clark’ or on SoundCloud under ‘Z93 Lifelines’.

Feel like calling in? Call 231-929-4487 or 231-929-HITS. You can also text 70236; if it’s your first time, text z93join to 70236. Life’s too short not to get what you want, Baby!

Why am I here?

I’m here to listen and give you some perspective that you may have never heard before on things that are stressing you out, weighing you down, feel like you can’t talk to anyone and taking up TOO much brain space: challenges with friends or family, beating yourself up, kids, can’t let something go, job, relationships, It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, just call – I’ll be happy to throw you a Lifeline!