About Andrea Koch

Life has a beautiful way of allowing a person to experience both ends of the spectrum—and I have absolutely done that!

I started working at 14, by 17 I was training others. This desire to help and uplift others has driven me as long as I can remember, and it ultimately turned into my profession. As a Training and Performance Improvement Consultant, I have had the honor of working with corporations, both national and international, to assess, revise, and create training programs which improve engagement, performance, and the bottom line. This has been incredibly rewarding to me and I am thankful for the many valued partnerships.

I love to teach, but I am also an avid learner. Having the desire to learn, grow, and develop both intellectually and spiritually led me to get a Bachelor’s in Psychology and pursue numerous self-development and spiritual workshops/programs.

And then there is LIFE—the most ardent teacher. Through traumas I experienced and endured, I had my most challenging growth. But through that, I was finally able to build myself up personally to match what I was doing professionally. At that beautiful crossroad, I met Annie and our missions combined.

After the many years creating training for other companies, this was the first time that I had created a program which was intensely personal. With our collective talents, knowledge, insight, and missions put to work, Annie and I created Bravura Life Strategies and The Bravura Method: Sustainable Happiness Training. The results have been life changing for everyone involved—Annie, myself, and our Alumni who are incorporating the method and making incredible changes in their lives. There is no greater reward than that!

If you are curious about our training, workshops, and programs, send a note to bravuralifestrategies@gmail.com. You can also listen to Lifelines with Annie Clark – a weekly call-in radio show and podcast where Annie and I talk about life’s challenges and help give callers strategies to get unstuck and back into their life. It airs Thursday’s from 7-8 pm EST on 92.9 (Traverse City, Michigan and surrounding areas) or at Z93hits.com “Listen Live”; podcasts are available on the Z93hits.com site under the ‘ON AIR’ tab, then ‘Lifelines with Annie Clark’ or on SoundCloud under ‘Z93 Lifelines’.

Feel like calling in? Call 231-929-4487 or 231-929-HITS. You can also text 70236; if it’s your first time, text z93join to 70236.

Let’s get the conversation going!