About Annie Clark

I have an undergrad in psychology from Michigan State University. And although that’s an academic credential, I believe it to be the least of my credentials. My credentials are experiential. My friends called me ‘Oprah’ as long as I can remember, and for the last 20 years, I’ve been known as the ‘hairapist”. But despite being a source of hope for others, I was stuck and alone on the inside and never seemed to be able to do and become who and what I really wanted. My biggest problem was my only source of value was through what people thought of me and how well I could perform, and that’s what I put ALL of my energy into. That kept me a prisoner and unfulfilled and ultimately caused me to hit rock bottom. My life and my whole world came crashing down 2009 and THAT is when I started to earn my real life credentials. And I wasn’t just at rock bottom for a few months, I was at rock bottom for almost 7 years. (I would tell you my story but then I would spoil my documentary for people to see live.) After my trauma, for 8 years, I experienced and desperately sought out counseling, breath work, meditation, journaling, EMDR therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder and childhood therapy (to name a few) and still felt like I was never going to recover.  I have studied the best of the best from neuroscientists to life coaching Gurus to Buddhist monks and have carefully studied, analyzed and participated in many of their approaches to try to liberate myself. But the most important thing I will tell you this, I know what it’s like to be stuck, broken down, beaten, defeated, helpless, trapped, depressed, tongue tied, anxious, and worst of all, alone… like no one can help, no one understands, and nobody gets it. And through it all, I found my way, with my OWN approach. And now I am named, The Wounded Warrior. I know you. And what I can offer others through my radio broadcast is an empathetic and well-studied ear. I offer MORE than just quotes and motivating information. I believe I provide a safe space for YOU to help YOU began your process of getting unstuck, gaining some insight, a dose of relief and, if even for a moment, to experience what it feels like to be able to be 100% yourself.

If you are curious about The Bravura Method: Sustainable Happiness Training, our workshops, public speaking, and programs, send a note to bravuralifestrategies@gmail.com. You can also listen to Lifelines with Annie Clark – my weekly call-in radio show and podcast where Andrea and I talk about life’s challenges and help give callers strategies to get unstuck and back into their life. It airs Thursday’s from 7-8 pm EST on 92.9 (Traverse City, Michigan and surrounding areas) or at Z93hits.com “Listen Live”; podcasts are available on the Z93hits.com site under the ‘ON AIR’ tab, then ‘Lifelines with Annie Clark’ or on SoundCloud under ‘Z93 Lifelines’.

Feel like calling in? Call 231-929-4487 or 231-929-HITS. You can also text 70236; if it’s your first time, text z93join to 70236.

Life’s too short not to get what you want, Baby!