We just launched a new book!

What if life could be…

This is a must-read if you want more for yourself and for the ones you love.
This is a story of truth. The serum for resolving the fear that has unfortunately been handed down from each past generation, which keeps us disconnected from ourselves and others and subconsciously conditions us to be blinded by the light – our own light – and the light of others. But it only takes one spark, one YOU to get the authenticity ball rolling—allowing the whole world to follow in their own fashion, together creating a brighter world. My hope in sharing is that maybe, that light is YOU and you…. and you…

See you on the other side!

“She grabbed her white jacket” is available now on Amazon!

What our readers are saying

“This book is very poignant for our times. A quick and insightful read that lends itself to further discussion. This should be utilized in book clubs, families and schools. Highly recommended to spur conversation about relationships and human interactions.”


“The author is most thoughtful of how we must all paddle our canoes. Proof in point hiding who you really are will only make one very unwell. This is an all-ages reasonable statement of how easy it can be to easily be oneself with pride. The author has a very lyrical language that is as colorful as it is her own.”

Juan B